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“Dr. Dean has been such a blessing in my son’s life. She has been treating him for about a year and a half. She is always professional and caring. She never hesitates to explain anything if I have any questions regarding his treatment. Dr. Dean has helped my son with adrenal fatigue, asthma, food allergies and chemical sensitivities. She uses unique, non-invasive treatments. And she has done this in such a short amount of time. Thank you Dr. Dean, you are the best!”

–Michele R., Pinckney, MI

“Dr. Dean is brilliant, kind and compassionate and spends the time necessary to continually assess your condition. She has an intuitive sense of what needs to be worked on first. I have a number of health-related issues and slowly and steadily I am returning to wellness and vitality – all with supplements and osteopathy and no harmful prescription drugs!”

— Linda H., Farmington Hills, MI

“Dr. Dean has made a wonderful difference for our entire family. She helped us establish and achieve realistic goals – we have lost weight, increased energy and feel better. Thanks Dr. Dean.”

— Linda B., Ann Arbor, MI

“Dr. Dean is knowledgeable, caring, and informative. She is educated regarding toxic influences on a person’s health and continues learning the latest treatments and prevention in holistic therapies. I have literally ‘put my life in her hands’ and she has restored me to wellness.

— Sally T., Rockledge, FL

“After my conventional doctor had given me antibiotics three times in one year for a chronic sinus infection, I started seeing Dr. Dean who prescribed various tests and supplements and within five months, the infection was gone. It has been one year since my initial visit and my sinus and breathing are better than ever. Dr. Dean is a very caring and insightful and I have never been to a doctor that is so concerned about my health and well-being.”

— Cindy B., Grosse Ile, MI

“I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and told that surgery and medication would be the only relief for my condition. Fortunately, I found Dr. Dean whose wisdom and insight have gently guided me through the restoration of my body, mind and spirit to its natural balance. I am eternally grateful.”

— Monique T., Edon, OH

“Dr. Dean’s initial lab tests not given by most doctors helped us identify nutrient deficiencies and other problems including arsenic poisoning. I take a prescription custom amino acid blend based on Dr. Dean’s interpretation (of labs). Her follow-up lab tests….show my improvement which keeps me motivated.”

— Margaret B., Northville, MI

“I was diagnosed by specialists at the Rochester Mayo Clinic, University of Toledo Hospital, as well as, the University of Michigan as having a dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system and their treatment plans were minimal to nearly non-existent. I was given different medications and encouraged to learn to live with the condition.

I realized I needed a doctor who understands the body to be complex systems working together, who tenaciously pursues answers to health problems, cares about my quality of life, and uses the best of alternative, osteopathic, and conventional medicine. Three years ago, I found such a doctor….Dr. Amy Dean.”

— Karen K., Adrian, MI

“I have made great improvements in my medical conditions as a result of the medical expertise of Dr. Dean.  She shows lots of persistence, love and compassion when treating me.  They really care about their patients!”

–Carmina R., Canton, MI

“I was found to have Pulmonary Emboli (blood clots) in the left lung. The next 2 years I had 12-15 hospitalizations and numerous ER visits for headaches, hypertensive crisis, difficulty breathing, and chest pain. I had seen numerous specialists at U of M hospital with no clear etiology of what was causing all my strange illnesses. After frustration with numerous unanswered questions and not feeling better, I decided to try Dr. Dean. I saw Dr. Dean who looked at my huge case file of all my labs, diagnosis, hospitalizations and said I think I can help you. This was the first time I heard those words since the beginning of my nightmare. At first, I was seeing Dr. Dean twice a week and then as I got better, tapered off to once a month.

I was no longer being seen in the ER, no more hospitalizations, and had my life back. I give Dr. Dean full credit and only Dr. Dean on getting my health back and giving the father and husband back to my kids and wife.”

— Ed R., Adrian, MI

“As a result of being at high altitude for an extended period, I suffered several deep vein thromboses (blood clots) in my brain that caused me to go into a coma and essentially paralyzed the right side of my body. After rehab, I was still experiencing significant physical and mental limitations, as well as extreme fatigue and lack of physical and mental stamina. I started seeing Dr. Dean for nutritional counseling so I could obtain optimal healing. Along with supplementation, she introduced me to the Integrated Listening System (ILS). I attended sessions (conducted by Arden Stanton) three times a week for one hour and 20 minutes. After several sessions, I noticed that my thinking was more clear, my emotional state improved, and I noticed things I hadn’t since the coma. I would attribute the regaining of my cognitive functions such as word retrieval and functioning memory to the Integrated Listening System. I had been attending speech therapy also, but the ILS therapy had a bigger impact on my progress. About 14 months after my life threatening injury, I was able to return to college. I attribute a lot of that ability to the therapy I did with ILS. I have more healing that needs to occur so I am continuing with a portable ILS unit. I use it several times each week. It has been helping me relax and deal with the stress and rigorous cognitive requirements of college work.”

–David M., Brighton, MI