Due to changes in the practice, we are not taking new patients at this time.

Welcome to Arbor Holistic Health

“I have made great improvements in my medical conditions as a result of the medical expertise of Dr. Dean. She shows lots of persistence, love and compassion when treating me. They totally care about their patients!”

–Carmina R. , Canton, MI

Our Mission is to help you become optimally healthy by finding and treating the underlying cause of your health condition using holistic medicine and natural methods.

These underlying causes of your illness can be from outside the body from our diet and environment. And causes from inside the body – nutrient imbalances, stress, past traumas, and structural imbalances of our body, mind and energy field.

Using holistic methods, we create a tailored program designed specifically for you and work with you to restore your health. We specialize in chronic complex disease.

Dr. Amy L. Dean, DO, ABIHM, board certified in Integrative Holistic Medicine and Environmental Medicine, has used established and effective methods for over 10 years to help patients restore their health.